2D Drafting - 06 Drawing Annotation

Learn how to create annotations and change the dimensions in your BricsCAD drawing.


After completing this course you will be able to:

1/ Create and Edit Text

  • Create a single line of text to add annotation to a drawing.
  • Create a paragraph of information to use as annotation in a drawing.
  • Change Mtext settings and options using the Text Editor tab.
  • Assign word processor type settings to a Mtext.
  • Utilize grips and the Properties palette to edit Mtext.

2/ Use Spell Check

  • Correct any spelling errors in the drawing using Check Spelling.
  • Change and edit dictionaries used by the Check Spelling Command.

3/ Add Dimensions

  • Determine the size and location of objects with dimensions.
  • Use a dimension style to control the appearance of dimensions in a drawing.
  • Use dimensions to quantify objects in a drawing.
  • Find the horizontal or vertical distance from one point to another.
  • Show the linear distance between two points regardless of relative angle.
  • Find the relative angle between two lines.
  • Determine the exact length of an arc.
  • Apply a radius to an arc or a circle.
  • Apply a diameter to an arc or circle.
  • Identify the center of an arc or circle using a Center Mark.
  • Create a series of dimensions based on an existing dimension.
  • Determine the distance between a start point and multiple items following a baseline.
  • Create dimensioning in a drawing for multiple objects simultaneously.

4/ Modify Dimensions

  • Use the Properties palette to change the appearance of dimensions.
  • Add text information to a text value.
  • Add or remove a break in extension or dimension lines.
  • Change the spacing between dimension lines.

5/ Add and Modify Multileaders

  • Add information to a drawing in the form of multileaders.
  • Add and position a mutileader in a drawing.
  • Change the appearance of a multileader line.

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