2D Drafting - 09 Layouts and Printing

Learn how to finish the layout, print and share your drawing from within BricsCAD.


After completing this course you will be able to:

1/ Work with Layouts and Viewports.

  • Organize a drawing for printing and electronic output.
  • Navigate between different layouts in a drawing.
  • Make a frame around specific areas of a drawing for viewing purposes.
  • Add more than one viewport to a drawing.
  • Define what in the drawing is shown in a viewport.
  • Set up a scale for the size indicated in a viewport.
  • Resize a viewport to fit information in a drawing.

2/ Create and manage Page Setups.

  • Utilize a page setup to determine the appearance and format of a final output.
  • Use the Page Setup Manager to create, modify, and import page setups for a drawing.

3/ Share your designs.

  • Share a design with others physically or electronically.
  • Print a design using a plotter or printer.
  • Specify in the Plot dialogue box where and how the design should be printed.

4/ Use Annotation Scaling.

  • Define what drawing annotation is.
  • Use and determine an annotative scale on an object.
  • Understand when to use different annotative styles.
  • Set an annotative scale in a drawing or a viewport.
  • Edit a preexisting annotative scale on an object.
  • Create individual scale representations for an object.
  • Determine how a line will be affected by an annotative scale.

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