2D Drafting - 05 Organizing Objects in a Drawing

Learn to work with layers and object properties to organise your objects in BricsCAD drawing.


After completing this module you will be able to:

1/ Create and use Layers.

  • Utilize separate virtual sheets to organize a drawing.
  • Use the Drawing Explorer to create, delete, or change layers in a drawing.
  • Change the appearance of objects in a drawing.
  • Add layers into a drawing using the Drawing Explorer.
  • Utilize the Layer List to change the current layer and alter certain layer properties.
  • Understand how a layer can be changed.
  • Delete a specific layer.

2/ Modify object properties.

  • Understand how general properties affect an object.
  • Make changes to an object using the Properties palette.
  • Select an object and dynamically change it using Quad.
  • Use a source object to apply congruent properties to another object.

3/ Obtain information about objects.

  • Show specific information in a drawing using an Inquiry Command.
  • Identify specifics about an objectusing a List command.
  • Measure objects in a drawing for distance, angle, radius, and area.
  • Use a Boundary Area to accurately measure an area of a curved or irregular object.
  • Determine the location of an object on the coordinate plane.

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