2D Drafting - 02 Primary Drawing Techniques

Get used to drawing in BricsCAD and learn how to create basic objects.


After completing this module you will be able to:

1/ Draw basic objects.

  • Draw a line by defining the start and endpoint.
  • Add a rectangle.
  • Create a circle.
  • Draw an arc by selecting three consecutive points.
  • Create a polygon.

2/ Work with Entity Snaps and Tracking.

  • Improve the accuracy of your drawings by using entity snaps to create and edit geometry.
  • Incorporate theoretical construction geometry when you create and edit geometry.

3/ Draw using precise values.

  • Understand the Cartesian Coordinate System upon which the BricsCAD drawing window is based.
  • Recognize the advantage of using Direct Distance Entry while creating and modifying objects.
  • Understand how drawing units determine the way measurement values are returned.
  • Assign specific drawing unit values to a drawing

Course Curriculum

  0/ Introduction
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  2/ Working with Entity Snaps and Tracking
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